For flash units, do not send power cord, umbrella, reflector or other externals accessories, but, if you send the unit with the flashtube and / or modeling
light, make sure to put the protective shipping cover on your flash unit. If so, we will be abble to check the integrity of your flashtube in the meanwhile of
the repairs and then, we will see if any of problems you are complaining about are not simply related to a defective flashtube.

Also important, always make your shipping with a proof of delivery with signature.

Please send a paperwork with the informations listed below.

Company name:

Contact name:

Complete shipping address:

E-Mail address:

Phone number:

Brand and model:

Explanation of the problem:

And send it to:

Service Camera Pro
2042, blvd. Pere-Lelievre
Quebec, QC.
G1P 2W9 

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