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            Very few photographs know that their lightning equipments are made of  component working on very high voltage with also a
lot of current, all of that can make very hazardous and harmful situation if misused or opened for maintenance by unqualified person. In
fact, even small flash units have enough power to stop a heartbeat! At Service Camera Pro we provide service on professionals lightning
equipments since the very beginning, about 25 years ago,  on almost any brands like Bowens, Ascorlight, Norman, Dynalite, but also as
authorized service depot for
 Photogenic Speedotron., and Paul C buff.

            Your lightning system will last for so many years even decades, so, when you look for a system, make sure you will have access
to an appropriate supplier for parts and service since many manufacturers are more enthusiast to sell you a unit than to help and service
you efficiently with that when it fail at work...

Did you know?

Many circuits repairs could be avoided simply by plugging your flash unit on a power bar with a builted in surge suppressor. Thoses surges
suppressor were developped to protect personnals computers against surge current which happend too much often and freeze the PC
needing to reboot. The capacity of thoses surges suppressor ar calculated in Joules or kilojoules ( KJ ), so a good quality product might
display at least 1.5 KJ or more to be efficient. If your power bar do not display any of this kind of information, it just mean that it should
not be used as a surge suppressor.

Shipment procedure:

You may ship your equipment at your own expence, we do not accept collect parcel. Make sure you include with your shipment a paperwork
or form with your name, company name, complete address, phone number at home and at work, e-mail address
and a clear description of the
problem you have with your equipment.

For flash units, do not send power cord, umbrella, reflector or other externals accessories, but, if you send the unit with the flashtube and / or modeling
light, make sure to put the protective shipping cover on your flash unit. If so, we will be abble to check the integrity of your flashtube in the meanwhile of
the repairs and then, we will see if any of problems you are complaining about are not simply related to a defective flashtube.

Please send a paperwork with the informations listed below.

Company name:

Contact name:

Complete shipping address:

E-Mail address:

Phone number:

Brand and model:

Explanation of the problem:

And send it to:

Service Camera Pro
2042, blvd. Pere-Lelievre
Quebec, QC.
G1P 2W9