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Service Camera Pro gives you the best you can expect from a service center. Our team is composed of Sylvie, at the front desk, and of three
specialized technicians, Maurice, Normand, and Rene.

Sylvie Genest, Rene's wife.... so patient
At the front desk, you will meet Sylvie who will take care of your equipments and do the follow-up accurately and efficiently. According to us,
she is irreplaceable for managing all client's files, handling and shipping. Her smile will make you feel her willingness to provide you the right
answers to your questions.

Normand Leduc
, the hippie artist 
Normand graduated in photography 35 years ago. Having received many awards from photo contests, he is a  photography teacher, a freelance
photograph, makes photo restoring, and is a published author. Normand is your technician for all your needs concerning your 35 mm film camera
and system projection, no matter if it is a movie or a still projector. Notthing can beat the beauty and quality of a direct projection from movie or slides.

Maurice Pitre, photo.... and fishing fanatic.
Maurice graduated 25 years ago in camera repair. awards receiver of many photo contests, lecturer, freelance photograph, published photograph.
As technician, Maurice is part of our team since the very beginning 35 years ago. For all your needs, in digital cameras from point & shoot to reflex
models, he will meet all your requirements.

RenÚ Genest
Finally, it is me, Rene, for all video camera repair but strongly for all medium format film cameras ( 2 ╝ ) as Hasselblad, Mamiya, Bronica, Pentax
6X7, Rollei SL66 and twin lens models, but also larger formats ( 4 X 5 ) as Sinar, Graflex, Horseman, Linhoff with their lens "shutter" as Copal,
Synchro Compur and all others. For 35mm film size, it is among them  Nikonos with all of its accessories, here we can do the waterproof test in
our hyperbaric chamber. and Rollei 35, Leica M and R, Exacta just to name the most rares but in fact, if it take picture, I fix it, period. In my carrer,
I did all eforts to get factory training as at Hasselblad factory in Goteborg in Sweden for many times. This training in particular at HASSELBLAD
and CARL ZEISS, has helped me to raise my proficiency level to the highest level of the industry. Now,  this skill levels make me able to give a
better quality service at a competitive price.

Lightening equipments
I also do maintenance on laboratory equipments as film processor, enlarger, microscope, telescope and lightening equipments as  Opus, Aurora /
Genesis / Camray, Photogenic- Speedotron and Paul C Buff for which we are authorized service depot, but we also fix all other brands as Bowens,
Ascorlight, Norman, Dynalite etc...

Photography has always took an important part in my life and in all my hobbys. Yet it is always interesting to experience good feeling while practicing
some hobby, It is an other good one to picture it, so, however I'm scuba diving or skydiving or on an ice climb, I usually bring a photo or video camera
to capture memories. That kind of practice, of course, tend to enhancing different skills which I can share with others by presenting conferences about
different topic as underwater photography or 3D picture taking.