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Since more than 40 years involved in camera repair, we have developed a wide expertise in old film cameras repair in all format as
35mm, 120, 4 X 5 for all brands. With our specialized testing equipment, we can confirm shutter's speed at the accuracy of  
the million's of second and the diaphragm aperture until the hundred of a stop.

All verification and estimations are made at no charge. So in any doubts, do not hesitate to ask for a complete check.

                f32                                camera1  

                                Your camera is made of many complex systems which can not rely on to hazard. We have all certified testing equipment
                                 to confirm all functions accuracy.


                                A Copal focal plane shutter reassmbling
                                F-Copal 1

                                A Pentax 6 X 7 shutter
                                F-Pentax 671

                                A Copal leaf shutter
                                F-Copal 2

                                 A Compur shutter on cleaning process
                                F-Compur 1